Seekers Holistic Hebrew School

At Romemu, all of us, including our children, are seekers. We encourage our Seekers families to find their own voices within the ancient and ongoing conversation of Judaism through contemplation, creativity, and community.

“We didn’t want to create a Hebrew school, we wanted to create a school for life.”   

-Rabbi David Ingber, Founder of Romemu

Seekers provides a holistic, hands-on approach to meaningful engagement with Jewish life that nurtures inspired connection for students and their families. We aim to help students ages k-12 cultivate a deep love for Jewish tradition through experiential learning by incorporating theater, music, outdoor education, social action, and leadership development.

Led by our clergy and faculty, our curriculum traverses the history and sacred narratives of the Jewish people, illuminates the Jewish calendar, and explores Jewish values. Our students learn to read and engage meaningfully with the aleph-bet and core Hebrew prayers.

At Seekers, we are building an intergenerational community of learners. This living and vibrant community – which includes each student and their whole family – receives  spiritual tools for growing compassion, kindness, creativity, and social consciousness.

This year, Seekers is expanding to further engage our teen members with the Romemu Teen Leadership Circle (Romemu TLC), which combines weekly Jewish study, social action, leadership training, and cultural excursions. Teens will strengthen friendships, learn together, and create positive change within our community and beyond as they explore what it means to grow in a community of supportive peers and teachers. The Romemu Teen Leadership Circle has been generously sponsored and underwritten by a donor for its first year. 

We invite you and your family to join us.