Seekers: Holistic Hebrew School

At Romemu, all of us, including our children, are seekers. We teach our students to question, to debate, to delve into the Jewish realm, to find their own voices in the ancient and ongoing conversation of Judaism.

“We didn’t want to create a Hebrew school, we wanted to create a school for life.”   

-Rabbi David Ingber, Founder of Romemu

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In Seekers, children learn about the sacred narratives and myths of the Jewish people, the holiday cycle, and Jewish history and values. They learn to read Hebrew letters and vowels and to understand prayer book Hebrew. But Seekers is about much more than Jewish literacy. Seekers students are encouraged to question, offer ideas, and use play to learn. We celebrate Jewish holidays, sing, pray together and use Central Park as a laboratory for learning about Judaism as a holistic earth-based tradition.

In addition to weekday classes and experiential learning for children, Seekers engages the entire family. Our dynamic program provides children and parents with opportunities for study as well as community gatherings and holiday celebrations.   Your whole family will be connected, inspired, and engaged in building meaningful Jewish lives in the community.

We invite you and your family to join us.