The Six Pillars of Seekers


1. Spirituality

We approach our relationship with divinity through practice. The pre-prayer heart and the post-prayer heart are different: we become more joyful, more compassionate, and more connected.

2. Whole Child Learning

Seekers students cultivate a relationship between body, soul, head, and heart. Teaching from authenticity and personal relationship is paramount to the success of this relationship-driven approach to education.

3. Questioning

Children’s questions are central to the learning experience. We explore our own questions as well as those of our ancestors, helping us to shape the arc of the group’s investigations.

4. The Whole Family

Whole family engagement is at the core of our educational mission.  Seekers families learn, sing and enjoy sacred time together. Our community of parents build connections through study and mutual support for conscious parenting.

5. Diversity

Seekers Holistic Hebrew School is a community of families that is socio-economically, ethnically, racially and culturally diverse, embracing multi-faith families, gender non-conforming students, and students of differing abilities.

6. Mentorship

Our extraordinary teaching and clergy team as well as the Romemu “village” serve as loving mentors and guides for our Seekers students, inspiring their passions and sense of purpose.