Our Program

Grades K-5

Seekers for grades K-5 meets on Tuesdays from 4-6 PM at the West End Presbyterian Church at 165 W 105th St, (on the corner of 105th and Amsterdam). Seekers K-5 also meets twice monthly on Shabbat. Shabbat mornings once a month for Family Services and one Friday evening each month for Shabbat Dinner and a Family Program before we join the spirited Romemu Friday night prayers.

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Grades 6-7

See B Mitzvah section below.


Reading and Writing Basic Hebrew and Prayer

Students learn how to read and write Hebrew at their own individual pace and in a fun and interactive environment. Using movement and music to enhance the process of decoding, students will build a repertoire of Jewish prayers and blessings in Hebrew, for Shabbat and holidays, and learn the skills necessary to be confident and successful in their B Mitzvah preparation. This is reinforced and enhanced by our twice monthly Shabbat experiences, an essential part of the Seekers program for the whole family. 

Torah Stories and Ethical Principles

Children engage with the core narratives of the Jewish people ​through​ multiple modalities (storytelling, conversation, music, drama, and creative materials) in ways that address their individual needs and questions​ while making the meanings of them relevant to their everyday lives. We emphasize the questions posed and the values learned in the Torah and how they continue to speak to us in deep ways until today.

Jewish values

At Romemu and at Seekers, we see Judaism as a path to bring more justice, more healing, more compassion and more peace into the world. We embody these Jewish values in our approach to building community and in the design of our Hebrew School and explicitly in our learning.

Study of Jewish holidays

We prepare for the major Jewish holidays in the classroom​, exploring their ethical and spiritual messages for our times. We review the ​stories, ​blessings, and prayers associated with each, and celebrate the holidays with special programming, often integrated with the larger Romemu community. 

Seekers Shabbat

Seekers and other Romemu families gather once a month on Saturday mornings for a Family Service, where Seekers students will showcase their Hebrew learning. After the Children’s Blessing, parents and children separate for educational programming, and we rejoin for a festive Shabbat lunch.

Once Friday evening a month we gather for Shabbat dinner and learning followed by a joyful celebration of Shabbat in prayer with the whole Romemu community.

Having a communal experience of Shabbat is an essential part of the experience of Seekers so that the learning exists in context and is practiced with the whole family and community.