Seekers Holistic Hebrew School Learning Goals


Learning goals are cumulative and will be introduced at developmentally appropriate stages and depths.


  1. Seekers Students will be familiar with the major archetypal Torah stories that help us live ethical, joyful and connected lives.
  2. Seekers Students will grasp the basic skills of interpreting the Torah using rabbinic commentary as well creating their own interpretations.
  3. Seekers Students will understand what the Torah is, how it’s made and used in synagogue life including the choreography of the Torah service.  

MITZVOT/MIDDOT (character traits) and TIKKUN OLAM Seekers Students will understand Jewish/universal values based on Torah

  1. Seekers Students will demonstrate knowledge of the mitzvot/commandments.
  2. Seekers Students will understand the importance of tikkun olam as an essential Jewish value.
  3. Seekers Students will apply  Jewish values, and will be inspired by the expression of these values in response to environmental and social justice issues in Israel,  America and around the world throughout time and in present day.


  1. Seekers Students will understand different concepts of God in Judaism and be able to engage in theological discussions.  
  2. Seekers Students will be able to use the spiritual practices of the Romemu community, including music, movement, body awareness/yoga, chanting and drumming to demonstrate awe, gratitude, compassion, and an ability to quiet the mind, and become more fully present to their experience.   
  3. Seekers Students will know the basic food blessings and the blessing for new beginnings (shehechiyanu).
  4. Seekers Students will learn the meaning of and be able to sing the core prayers of the Shabbat morning service and will understand the flow of a Shabbat morning service. (Also – Friday night Kiddush)



  1. Seekers Students will learn to decode prayerbook/biblical Hebrew.
  2. Seekers Students will demonstrate knowledge of core prayerbook Hebrew roots/vocabulary  and will have a familiarity with spoken Modern Hebrew.


  1. Seekers Students will understand that the Jewish calendar is an earth-based solar-lunar calendar rooted in and responsive to natural cycles, history and Torah.
  2. Seekers Students will understand and experience Shabbat as the central spiritual practice of Judaism.
  3. Seekers Students will be familiar with the stories/history, customs/practices of and values expressed through the Jewish Holidays.


  1. Seekers Students will gain a basic knowledge of the major periods of the Jewish people including the founding of the State of Israel.
  2. Seekers Students will gain a knowledge of Jewish denominations in America, and the founding of Renewal Judaism.