Grades 6-7 (B Mitzvah Cohort)


Seekers for grades 6-7 (B Mitzvah cohort) meets on  Thursday afternoons from 4-6 PM at the Romemu offices at 43 Central Park North (between Lenox Ave. and 5th Ave.). Students may arrive as early as 3:30 PM.

6th and 7th graders are also required to attend Seekers Shabbat, which takes place approximately twice every month.

One year prior to each child’s B Mitzvah, 6th and 7th graders begin attending individualized weekly training on Monday afternoons from 4-5:30 PM with Romemu clergy (in addition to weekly Thursday programming). 

The Program

B Mitzvah preparation is an integral part of the educational journey in our Seekers program. The journey to your child’s B Mitzvah is a way to sanctify and celebrate time, and we invite the whole family to prepare together for this spiritual, intellectual, and emotional milestone.

B Mitzvah in the context of classic Jewish tradition defines the moment when a child reaches the age of obligation. They are obligated to fulfill the mitzvot (commandments) and they are counted in a minyan (a Jewish prayer quorum). At Romemu, we understand these concepts in their broadest terms. A B Mitzvah is a moment in the human journey when a person becomes both counted and accountable – in one’s family, community, and society at large. We aim to deepen the process of that move toward responsibility and independence through reflection, study, and ultimately, celebration.  We offer a program of study and exploration that is specifically tailored to your family and the strengths and talents of your child as they navigate their way through the B Mitzvah journey.

The Process

Students learn skills including reading Hebrew, chanting Torah, and leading prayers, in addition to studying themes appropriate to becoming a mature member of their families and communities and living a joyous, mitzvah-centered life.  Students will explore issues such as identity, responsibility, community, society, ethics, obligation, fairness, honesty, justice, and more.

Program Components

Tikkun Olam (Social Justice) Project

We will provide resources as needed for the B Mitzvah student to develop a relevant and meaningful project with an aligned organization.


As part of their training, B Mitzvah students lead parts of Saturday morning services along with Romemu clergy.

Seekers Shabbat

Seekers families gather approximately twice each month for community building, learning, and a celebratory meal. 

Ceremony and Celebration

Dvar Torah/ Kavanah

Students explore connections between traditional commentaries and their unique voice and life experiences. They have an option to develop other forms of expression as well – using creative, musical, or dramatic interpretations of the Torah.


On the day of their B Mitzvah, students chant two or more sections of the triennial Torah portion.

The B Mitzvah Day

B Mitzvah ceremonies take place at Romemu Shabbat morning services in the main sanctuary of West End Presbyterian Church. B Mitzvah families can choose to sponsor a kiddush after services to celebrate with family and friends. Families also have the option of hiring musicians (at an extra cost) for the kiddush, which provides a celebratory spirit for the occasion.

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