B Mitzvah

Grades 6-7

At Romemu a B Mitzvah is where you can B Yourself 

We help students explore what is means to come of age in a Jewish community. B Mitzvah is Romemu’s gender-neutral term for bar/bat mitzvah, which defines the moment when a child reaches the age of obligation. A B Mitzvah is a moment in the human journey when a person becomes both counted and accountable – in one’s family, community, and society at large. We aim to deepen the process of that move toward responsibility and independence through reflection, study, and ultimately, celebration. We offer a program of study and exploration that is specifically tailored to your family and the strengths and talents of your child as they navigate their way through the B Mitzvah journey.

As a cohort, students will learn cantillation and Saturday prayers, while individually they will learn to chant their Torah portion and go through a guided personal journey of reflection and contemplation about this time in their life, culminating with mentorship by our clergy to share the wisdom they have learned from their Torah portion. As a cohort of sixth and seventh grade, students and parents we will also have time together to learn and reflect on what it means to become a mature member of their families and communities and living a joyous, mitzvah-centered life. 


Seekers for grades 6-7 (B Mitzvah cohort) meet on Monday from 4-6 PM at the West End Presbyterian Church at 165 W 105th St, (on the corner of 105th and Amsterdam). 

One year prior to each child’s B Mitzvah, students begin preparations by attending individual and small group tutoring on Monday from 4-5 PM. Each student will be assigned one B Mitzvah tutor to guide them through their process. In the three months before their B Mitzvah date, each student will be paired with a Romemu clergy person to write their Dvar Torah.

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