Scholars often compare the Torah to a well, and its words to water. Drawn from a deep and meaningful place, this water has the ability to sate all who seek it. Applied wisdom and devoted study are instrumental in our spiritual quest at Romemu. Classes featuring a variety of subjects are taught by Romemu clergy, guest scholars, and community members, and are offered throughout the year. We invite all who are thirsty for knowledge and wisdom to come to The Well to drink.


Join Romemu for four days of intensive study with revolutionary Kabbalah scholar and reflective practitioner Rabbah Saphir Noyman Eyal.
Discover how contemplative study becomes a prayer to restore our world…
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We are offering an online learning option via the zoom platform for each ticketed session. Zoom offers simple web-based video conferencing that is easy to use. If you have any questions about using zoom, email content manger Eden Sidney Foster at eden@romemu.org