“What do you love about working at Romemu?”

Rabbi Josh Buchin:  I love working at Romemu because it lets me work and connect with amazing people both on staff and in the community!

Rev. Eleanor Harrison Bregman: I love that I get to bring my gifts as a Christian, as a minister, as a pastoral care giver to a community that is both deeply Jewish AND radically welcoming to people from other faith traditions. And I love love love my colleagues with whom I get to work each and every day! What a privilege!

Rabbi Dianne Cohler-Esses: Until recently these were the top on my list: working with an amazing staff, the endless vitality of the community, the tremendous creativity that is true of every aspect of life at Romemu– prayer, Torah study, music and more. But recently, having personally experienced a crisis in my own family another dimension of Romemu opened up to me in all its fullness.  I was the recipient of so much love and support from Rabbi David, from the clergy, the staff and the community. As I told Rabbi David — times like this show what Romemu is made of– and that is endless love. I am filled with gratitude to be part of the Romemu enterprise. 

Rabbi Shoshana Leis: With every week, we are growing: as a team and as individuals, in the depth of our community’s cohesion and in the participation among families, who are increasingly engaged as learners, seekers and leaders.  It is a profound blessing to witness and to be a part of this exciting chapter in Seekers’ development.  

Rabbi Jessica Kate Meyer: There is no community like Romemu.

Miriam Rubin: The opportunity to serve in the mission of creating a deeply rooted and elevated spiritual Jewish community, in partnership and collaboration with some of the most talented, inspiring, and compassionate members, volunteers, and colleagues. 

Hazzan Basya Schechter: I love the community at Romemu. I feel like everyone is on a life journey that they take seriously, but there’s a lot of humor in it too.  There’s deep connection between clergy and members, and a collective mission to improve ourselves and the world. 
Candace Simon: My favorite part of working at Romemu is our collaborative spirit. Whether amongst the staff, clergy, or community leadership, our ability to work together as a team to produce the Romemu experience is truly exciting and gratifying. 
Chantelle Attarian: I love that my work entails supporting a mission that I personally support. I love the caring and inspiring colleagues that I can call friends. 
Rachel Colberg-Parseghian:  What I love about working at Romemu is the community–I am so grateful to be able to support a community that is itself so supportive of its members, volunteers, and staff. I love being a part of such an open and welcoming environment where everyone gets to participate! 
Eden Sidney Foster: In the introduction to the Romemu Siddur Rabbi David writes about “…the complexities and inspiration of a working/practicing relationship with God, Yourself, Other people and the World.” I love supporting those relationships, and working with a generous, dedicated and visionary team.