For These Souls We Weep

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June 14, 2016  |  8 Sivan 5776

Al Eleh Ani Bochiyah | For These Souls We Weep | על אלה אני בוכיה

This past Saturday night, after counting 49 days, we arrived at Sinai and Shavuot. As many celebrated revelation, listening for Divine words, soaking up Torah and nigunim into the middle of the night, others danced – in another kind of sanctuary – in Orlando, at a club that was a refuge for so many, celebrating love and life.

In that sanctuary, one human being stole the lives and loves and futures of 49 souls, 49 worlds, 49 Torahs — in a despicable act of hatred and fear.

Unplugged from phones, from media, the horror hit many of us by word of mouth. Where revelation had resonated the night before, shock and sadness swept in. The horrific realization dawned: on a night where Jews around the world read the words, ‘Thou Shalt Not Murder’ and ‘I AM The One’– the very One who gives inherent dignity and intrinsic holiness to each and every human life–on that night, sacred scrolls were destroyed, sacred scripture and sacred hearts were lost forever.

We stood together in our own sanctuary at 105th and Amsterdam on Monday morning, praying for the victims and their loved ones; praying for healing and praying for the strength to counter ignorance with wisdom, hate with love, and fear with courage.

We stand and pray with the families and friends of all of those brutally murdered. We stand in solidarity with LGBTQ community everywhere. We stand and pray for our country, as we collectively grieve. And, we stand and pray for our leaders to muster the courage, after so much bloodshed and so little action, to take a stand once and for all on basic, common-sense gun control legislation.

We will join in a prayer service/vigil with Bnai Jeshurun (BJ), Saint Paul and Saint Andrew (SPSA), and Lab/Shul tomorrow evening at 7:00pm. We will send out location information as soon as it’s available. Soul Spa will be canceled this week.

This coming Shabbat, June 17-18, as we celebrate Pride at Romemu, we will pray together, and remember the lives of our brothers and sisters in Orlando. Please join us.

The Pride March will take place on Sunday, June 26th, at 12:00pm. For more information, click here.

With Love and Grief,
Rabbi David Ingber
Rabbi Jessica Kate Meyer
And the Romemu Team