Seekers Tuition

Costs for Seekers in 2018-19*

Grades K-5: $2,000 per child

Grades 6-7 (B Mitzvah Cohort): $3,000 per child 

Romemu Teen Leadership Circle (Romemu TLC): $180 per child**

Tuition may be remitted in one payment for the year, or broken into 12 monthly payments. In order for your child to begin Seekers classes in the fall, all tuition costs must be either paid in full, or the first monthly payment must be made by no later than September 7, 2018. 

*Please note: Families must be members of Romemu to enroll children in Seekers programming. Seekers tuition costs are not included in membership costs. 

**The Romemu Teen Leadership Circle has been generously sponsored and underwritten by a donor for its first year.