The Torah of Death: Reflections and Teachings on the End of Life

7:00–8:30 PM

Jan 23, 30, Feb. 13, 27, March 6, March 13th

Romemu Office, 43 Central Park North

Members: $120, Nonmembers: $150, Students: $60

Tuition discount and/or work/study available. Please email Rabbi Dianne Cohler-Esses for information at


With Rabbi Adina Lewittes

Death. End of life. Mortality. What do these words evoke? For some, they ring with the familiar sounds of life’s inevitable rhythms. With others, they arouse feelings of fear and vulnerability. To assert the holiness and hopefulness of life— not only at its inception and heights of vitality, but even at its inevitable conclusion—remains a singular challenge for spiritual communities. What insights does Judaism offer into this complex dimension of the human experience? How have Jewish teachings, rituals and stories helped generations navigate between this world and what lies beyond? Through song, text, reflection and meditation, this series will address such topics as death narratives, mourning rituals, theories of afterlife, and the “Torah” of war.