The Romemu Siddur

Our new siddur is meant to provide a focus for Shabbat evening prayer that offers a complete liturgy for Friday night – including poetic, creative, and contemplative translations, beautiful and meaningful art, and a simple and elegant layout. 

This prayer book was specially designed to serve the spiritual needs of the Romemu community.

The Romemu Siddur seeks to create a profound environment for prayer.  The new translations offer new ways of thinking about the meaning of prayer. The commentary-free layout of the siddur, complete with beautiful accompanying art, is designed to make the prayer experience central. A full traditional liturgy is present, so that we have more prayers at our disposal for our service. Additionally, some liturgy has been altered or creatively translated to better reflect the values of our community. For example, we have included meditative options during the Amidah as an alternative to the traditional liturgy. Also included in the siddur are essays to convey the intentions of the siddur’s creators. 

One of the goals of the new siddur is accessibility – to cater to our varied community and membership.  Our prayer book offers a three-column layout with Hebrew, English, and transliteration, in addition to full translations for the prayers, songs, and sacred texts that are frequently used in our community. The siddur also comes in two sizes – regular and large print. Many of the songs have been set in boldface type so they are easy to find on the page. 

We sincerely hope that The Romemu Siddur offers you a meaningful and inspiring prayer journey. 

The Romemu Siddur is now available for purchase by clicking here. For bulk orders (25 or more), please click here.