Purim 2020 | Dance-A-Thon FAQ

Dancer FAQ

How much money do I need to raise?
We are inspiring each participant to set a goal of raising $200 (10 people supporting you with $20). Our goal is to raise $5K. However, we simply ask that you set a personal fundraising goal and try your best to reach it before the day of the Dance-a-thon. We encourage participants to raise as much as possible, as all the money goes directly to our beneficiaries! This year we are raising money for the Romemu Hesed Committee and Footsteps — an organization that supports individuals and families who have chosen to leave or are thinking about leaving insular Jewish communities.

How can I reach my personal fundraising goal?
When each dancer creates a campaign for the Dance-a-thon, they will receive a personal fundraising page on Pledge It. This can easily be shared on social media and through email! Dancers can also request a pre-written letter to send out as well! The letter campaign is an excellent way to bring in the money! All dancers have to do is insert their name and address on the letter and send it out to family, friends, or whoever you think would like to donate and support you as a dancer. The letter contains information about the charity as well as information about the dance-a-thon.

Where does the money go?
All funds raised by the dancers will go directly to the Romemu Hesed Committee and also to Footsteps, an organization Romemu is proud to support whose mission is to assist individuals and families who have chosen to leave (or are thinking about leaving) insular Jewish communities.

Do I have to actually DANCE for 3 hours?
No Way!!! During the dance-a-thon we ask that you do your best, have a good time, and simply bring your wackiest, wildest self to our Purim party!

Do I have to fundraise to attend the Purim After-Party?
Nope! But you’re invited to do so. Why not connect your dancing to a cause? Here are some great ways to get involved:

1) Dance and sponsor a dancer!
2) Dance and find my own sponsors!
3) Just dance! 

How do I register for the Purim After-Party Dance-a-thon?
Visit our Pledge It page  and create a campaign! Click on the button that says “create a campaign” Enter your information to register.

Have more questions, or need more support?
Contact alizarivka@romemu.org with any questions.

Contact Romemu lay leader Ilene Fischer at ilenefischer@me.com to be part of the group guidance call.