Membership FAQs

How are new/ first time members welcomed into the community? 

We have a wonderful new member orientation program designed to allow first-time members of Romemu to meet and form connections with other new members, our clergy, volunteer leadership, and the community at large. This program is recommended, but optional for new members. 

Can I become a member of Romemu if my mother wasn’t Jewish, or if I wasn’t raised in a Jewish household?

Yes. At Romemu, we are happy to welcome you into our community regardless of your family’s religious affiliations/ identities.

Are tickets for Romemu’s High Holy Day services included in membership?

High Holy Day tickets are part of many membership levels, as indicated here. All membership signups after June 30, 2018 are granted High Holy Day tickets according to availability. Some types of membership, including the Friend and Digital Supporter levels, do not include High Holy Day tickets.

I’m interested in sending my child(ren) to Romemu’s Seekers Holistic Hebrew School. Do I need to be a member?

Yes. Both parents and children must be Romemu members to enroll in Seekers. Please note that Hebrew school registration fees are not included in membership dues.

Do Romemu members receive discounts to classes and events?

Yes. Romemu members at all levels receive special discounts and/ or early registration for Romemu classes and events. Members also get exclusive access to our annual Community Gathering and annual Community Retreat. 

How much do membership dues cover?

Approximately 25% of Romemu’s annual income comes from our yearly membership dues. Membership is an incredibly important piece of our yearly budget and we depend on our community to renew and new members to join.

Why do you include a security fee in membership dues?

Romemu is committed to creating a safe space for all who come to pray at our services and attend our events. To ensure the safety of our community, we hire security professionals to be present at all Romemu gatherings. We ask that the community share in the cost of this service.

Will I be asked to make an additional financial gift to Romemu?

Yes. Although no additional gift is required, if you are able to support Romemu, we ask that you support us throughout the year.

I’d like to join, but my financial capacity is limited. Can I still become a member? 

Romemu is committed to building a welcoming home to all who wish to daven, learn, and build our community. No one will be denied membership because of an inability to pay. For a confidential and dignified conversation about reduced rates, in-kind donations, and/or other arrangements, please contact Director of Membership Miriam Rubin at or 212-580-4294 x805.

Still have questions? Feel free to contact Director of Membership Miriam Rubin at or 212-580-4294 x805.