We are weaving a web, thickening the strands between us.


Romemu is a year-round community that inspires us to reach our fuller potential through exploration, service and caring. Whichever pathway takes us in, whether through committees, prayer, social action or informal study, we gather so that we are continually returning home.

Becoming a member of Romemu indicates your devotion to and understanding of the value of commitment. Your practices and intentions stretch beyond the internal world; when you join Romemu you become a part of something much larger than even the beautiful pearls that emerge out of personal awakening.

The tangible benefits of membership are many. You’ll get seats for the holidays, discounts for events and classes, and clergy who will officiate for your simchas, to name a few. Most of all, you’ll stand with a community that reflects your values and will be present to hold you up during times of joy and times of sorrow.

This Spring, we will be restructuring our membership program. In addition to changing the types of membership available, we are transitioning to a membership year that runs from June to June. You can join or renew today at a pro-rated amount paying for the months between now and June 2017. During our membership drive in the Spring, we will ask you to renew again at one of our new levels.   


Joining Romemu means becoming a part of a community in which all members feel supported and seen. If you have any special needs regarding membership dues, or would like to request a payment plan, we are here to help. Please contact Lizzie Busch at with any questions or concerns.