בֵיתִ֔י בֵּית־תְּפִלָּ֥ה יִקָּרֵ֖א לְכָל־הָֽעַמִּֽים כִּ֣י
For My House will be called a house of prayer for all peoples (Isaiah 57:7).

Each Shabbat, we create a place for song and searching, contemplation and transformation, hope and healing. Week in and week out, we have over 1000 people streaming in and over 500 people attending in person.

We are creating a house of prayer for all peoples.

You have helped us get this far, and we can’t wait to grow with you into Romemu’s next chapter. It is because of you, the Romemu Community, and for you, that Romemu exists.

We thank you for continuing to sustain the work of this community through your membership.