2018/ 5779 High Holy Days




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Rabbi David Ingber on Romemu’s 2018 High Holy Day theme, “Awaken: Truth”…

Honesty and truth have been at the forefront of our minds and hearts (not to mention the front pages) over this past year. Our Jewish wisdom masters teach that ‘truth/ emet is the the seal of the Holy One | חותמו של הקב״ה אמת (Shabbat 55a).
Emet. Truth. Honesty. Transparency. These values are not only G-d’s signature but the signature themes of the High Holidays themselves. Each year, during this season of turning, we return to the essential spiritual practice of honest self-reflection (heshbon nefesh) and admitting, confessing what is true about our lives, our mistakes, our successes, our dreams and our disappointments (modeh al ha’emet).
The High Holy days are always a time to wake up, to become more aware and more responsive to what needs repair, renewal, and restoration in our lives and in the world we live in.
This year, we invite all of you to Awaken: Truth.