Donate to Romemu

Supporting Romemu through a financial donation is not only a gift to an organization. It is a gift to the people who are at the heart of it. When you support Romemu, you are directly helping to create the nourishment and holiness that is being generated within these walls. And no matter the size of your gift, it is appreciated and used carefully to keep our doors open and our hearts soaring in music and prayer.

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There are unending avenues for supporting the Romemu community. The following is a brief list of funds you can support directly:

  • General Fund: This fund helps us every day to provide services, events, classes, pastoral support and so much more. Your gift to this fund gives the board and staff the resources to create everything that you know as Romemu. Please always consider this fund as your first choice when supporting our community.
  • High Holy Day Appeal Fund: This fund is part of our yearly financial outreach on the High Holy Days as part of the mitzvah to give on important holidays. It helps to cover the costs of services, including the facilities rentals, security, materials, etc.  
  • Lili Schad Social Action Fund: The ‘LSSA’ Fund will help Romemu bring Lili’s life passion forward, helping those in need and helping galvanize our community to walk-our-talk, to bring our music and prayer to those who need it most.
  • Kiddush Fund: Many people choose to sponsor a kiddush (lunch following Shabbat morning services) to mark a special moment in their lives. Some people choose to sponsor one by themselves but often people gather together to give this gift to the community. Whether it is a birthday or a baby naming, this is a wonderful way to mark an occasion with your community.
  • Kaplan Music Fund: This fund was started by Shari Melamed Kaplan and Steve Kaplan to insure music at Romemu was expanded and thrived. This fund has paid for our “Taste of Romemu CD” as well as the music heard weekly at Shabbat. By giving a gift to this fund your are joining the Kaplans in supporting this crucial part of the Romemu Ta’am.
  • Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund: This fund enable our rabbis to choose to support another organization, a given program at Romemu, or someone in need. Since there is no fee for the rabbis to perform a wedding or a funeral, it is tradition that when one of our Rabbis officiates, a gift is given to their fund.
  • Yearly Benefit Fund: Earmark your donation as part of our yearly major fundraising event.

For more information about making a gift to Romemu, please contact us.