Your gift is not only a donation to an organization. It is a gift to the people who are at the heart of it.

When you support Romemu, you are directly helping to create the nourishment and holiness that is being generated within our walls. And no matter the size of your gift, it is appreciated and used carefully to keep our doors open and our hearts soaring in music and prayer.

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Thank you for supporting Romemu!

Options for Gift Designation:

Adult Education Fund: This fund supports all the offerings through “The Well” including our Scholar in Residence shabbatonim throughout the year.

Gala/Benefit Fund: Earmark your donation as part of our annual major fundraising benefit event.

General Fund: This fund helps us every day to provide services, events, classes, pastoral support and so much more. Your gift to this fund gives the board and staff the resources to create everything that you know as Romemu. Please always consider this fund as your first choice when supporting our community.

Kaplan Music Fund: This fund ensures that music at Romemu thrives and continues to serve as the innovative and authentic ta’am of Romemu.

Kol Nidre Appeal: This fund supports general operating expenses at Romemu and allows us to continue to offer programs and services each and every day.

Lili Schad Social Action Fund: This fund helps Romemu bring Lili’s life passion forward, helping those in need and galvanizing our community to walk-our-talk, to bring our music and prayer to those who need it most within the community at large.

Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund: This fund enable our rabbis to choose to support another organization or someone in need. Since there is no fee for the rabbis to perform a wedding or a funeral, it is tradition that when one of our Rabbis officiates, a gift is given to their fund.

Romemu Brooklyn: Romemu’s first official satellite location born in 2017 now offers twice monthly Shabbat services, Kabbalat Shabbat catered dinners, B’Mitzvah services, and a burgeoning community of families and Romemu enthusiasts!

Romemu Campus Capital Campaign: Help Romemu build our permanent campus and residence on the Upper West Side through purchasing and renovating the new Romemu Center building on the southeast corner of 105/Amsterdam, and renovating the shared sanctuary space at West End Presbyterian Church on the northeast corner of 105/Amsterdam.

Romemu Yeshiva: Opening in June 2019, Romemu Yeshiva is an egalitarian course of intensive spiritual study and practice of Jewish pathways for self-transformation.  Open to people of all backgrounds, Romemu Yeshiva combines rigorous text study, deep prayer, and Jewish mindfulness-based practices to inspire participants’ profound transformation as individuals and as members of the Jewish and human communities.