Community Bulletin

During this difficult period it is the perfect time to rely on each other. We are compelled to rely more and more on each other for support, resources, and for help in all kinds of ways. In order to help facilitate the many requests we get to share information with the Romemu community we have launched a Community Bulletin. Do you have something you need? Do you have something to offer? Have something you’d like to announce to the community? Go to this form. We will be updating the website weekly with new posts.
Have Questions? Email  This forum is meant to be community driven and does not imply endorsement or promotion by Romemu. Please note this is only open to Romemu Members. 


WORKSHOP: Meditation for Teens & Young Adults

Option 1: Mondays, 7–8:30pm EST starting August 10
Option 2: Wednesdays, 2–3:30pm EST starting August 12In this four-week workshop via Zoom, meditation instructors Jeremy Lehrer and Carlos Alberto will guide students to experience the power of meditation, a practice they can use for lowering stress in school; focusing better on schoolwork and sports; and destressing from academics and, for rising seniors, the college application process. Students will learn the basics of meditation and how it can support self-esteem, emotional regulation, and stress reduction. Our instructors will discuss how meditation can help in reducing distraction and anxiety. The class will combine instruction, experience, and discussion, a blend that Carlos and Jeremy have refined through years of leading meditation for teens and young adults.

In this workshop, participants will:
—Learn the basics of meditation and how to start
—Discover how meditation can help you keep focused and calm
—Find out how meditation can support you in everything from stress reduction to sports performance and reducing self-criticism
—Explore a variety of practices to find what works best for you
—Use centuries-old techniques to manage the anxieties of school

Cost: $150 for the four-week workshop. Reach out to us for sliding scale fees—no one will be turned away for financial need.This workshop has limited space. To sign up, RSVP here OR register for Monday sessions here and Wednesday sessions here.
SOCIAL ACTION: Returning Home to Embodiment and Being: Return Again to Your Home: Sacred Body Sacred Earth
Laurie Schwartz will be offering from 7-9pm on Monday nights on Zoom to guide people who are interested in becoming more involved in the journey of return to love and embodiment while also holding the vision of justice and unity for us all. As part of our efforts to face the need for social action we are gathering to cultivate ways to ground and center in our body, mind, heart and spirit. Please email if interested. From Romemu Member Laurie Schwartz.
DISCUSSION: Class-Race to Action: Examining, Unpacking, and Learning Anti-Racism
It’s not to late to join The Riverside Church’s discussion series Unpacking, and Learning Anti-Racism on Thursdays from 7-9pm. Join other members of the Riverside community in considering what it means for our congregation and each of us to be “antiracist” in this watershed moment for our church and society. Our primary references will be “How to be an Antiracist” by Ibram X. Kendi, who is African American, and “White Fragility” by Robin Diangelo, who is white. Multiracial teams will lead each week’s discussion, seeking to hold a safe (if not always comfortable) space as we build a common vocabulary and understanding of the history of racism in the United States, of how white supremacy/privilege/fragility work, of how racism works in institutions (yes, even churches), of how racism wounds and scars us all, and – most importantly – of how we can better “practice what we preach” at Riverside and become more strongly antiracist in both word and deed. Participants will be expected to come to all sessions, pen, and notebook in hand for regular reflection and homework assignments.  Discussion will run through October 15. Click here to register. From Romemu member Stacey Rose-Blass.
ONLINE CONVERSATION: The World is Changing and We Are Changing, Too: An Intergenerational Conversation for This Moment
Dates: Sunday(s), July 26, August 9 and September 13
Time: 7 pm EDT (4 pm PDT)
Cost: Pay-what-you-can
Led by: Kohenet Keshira haLev Fife and Rabbi Eva Sax-Bolder
Description: Join us for an intergenerational conversation in this era of Physical Distancing. We will explore some of the big questions that have arisen during this time and create space to share responses from voices across the generations. This session is for anyone who is drawn to the alchemy of elders and youngers together – addressing the here and now – with all of its beauty and grief. In facilitated break out groups, we will tap into relevant topics including loneliness and being alone; isolation and separation; and guilt-free spaciousness to explore and develop aspects of ourselves. How can we learn from each other’s perspectives as we adjust to a new ‘normal’? How has living in these times influenced our thoughts about death and dying. These three sessions are part of an ongoing conversation, but each session can also be taken individually. Please register here. From Romemu member Stacey Rose-Blass.
ONLINE PROGRAM: Institute for Jewish Spirituality: An Elul Intensive
A Free Four-Week Online Program from IJS and its Partner Organizations. The upcoming High Holidays will be unlike any most of us have known. We have woken up to our deep interconnection to all people and our own fragility. We have seen more clearly the deep injustice of systems and power structures in our country. We have heard voices pleading for life. Perhaps we are awake in a way we have not been before. How can we maintain and even deepen this awareness as we enter a new year? HOW IT WORKS:  A live 30-minute daily (Monday-Friday) Jewish mindfulness meditation sit that includes a teaching and guided meditation led by IJS staff and outstanding guest instructors from various Jewish denominations. Click here to sign up. From Romemu member Stacey Rose-Blass.
VIDEO PODCAST: Jewish Communities of Ethiopia & Covid-19 Crisis
Facilitated by Romemu Member Neal Brodsky, LMFT. Guests: Medical Doctor Maseresha Dessie who made Aliya recently to Israel from Ethiopia, Avi Bram of UK-based Meketa charity running emergency food distribution from its after school center in Gondar Ethiopia, Hadassah Gotlieb former IDF Commander whose writing on  “Children of God” teen-led Ethiopian circus troupe featured by Times of Israel, Mengistu Endeshaw who guided Neal’s 2019 visit to Ethiopia and now studies computer science in Israel, his family among those waiting in Ethiopia to join their families in Israel. Click here for video. From Romemu member Neal Brodsky.
SOCIAL ACTION: Commit to Helping to Create an Inclusive, Anti-Racist Romemu Community: Ending Racial Injustice is a Marathon, Not a Sprint.
Romemu Rabbi Mira Rivera has been deeply involved in the work of racial justice and equity on a local and national level for years. For the last 18 months, Romemu Rev. Eleanor Harrison Bregman has led an initiative with Romemu lay leaders to deepen their understanding of how personal and systemic racism functions in their lives, in the Romemu community, and in our country. With the help of a grant from the Union Theological Seminary Vision Program we have been working with a specialized consulting firm to assess Romemu’s progress toward creating an inclusive community that is specifically anti-racist. Romemu will provide ongoing opportunities to the community for growth and reflection on systemic and personal racism, racial bias and inequity. If you are interested in joining us in this work, please click here to email Rabbi Mira Rivera. From Romemu member Stacey Rose-Blass.
ARTICLE: My Black Jewish Family’s Values Were 150 Years in the Making
Our families — with histories of persecution on both sides — have long been prepared for this moment. Over the years, we’ve been steeping our children in the following lessons, drawing upon the generations before us. The following foundations ground our children in fortifying their Black and Jewish identity. Click here for article. From Romemu member Stacey Rose-Blass.
ARTICLE: Four Black Artists on How Racism Corrodes the Theater World
“What has been the impact of race, and racism, on African-Americans working in the theater world? How should that world change? Those questions have taken on renewed, impassioned life since the killing of George Floyd, the shooting deaths of Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor, and the nationwide protests over racial injustice that have followed.” Salamishah Tillet is a professor of African-American and African studies and creative writing at Rutgers University, Newark. Click here for article. From Romemu member Stacey Rose-Blass.
VIDEO: The Power of the Black Lives Matter Movement
As “Black Lives Matter” rings out from the mouths of protesters and corporations alike, what will it take to build an America where those three words are a statement of fact — not a fight for survival? Click here for video. From Romemu member Stacey Rose-Blass.
ARTICLE: 13 Jews of Color to Follow on Social Media Right Now
“With every news headline referencing the Covid-19 pandemic, the past few months ushered the world into unprecedented times. But recently, for the first time in what feels like forever, coronavirus has taken the back burner to the Black Lives Matter movement…” Click here for article. From Romemu member Stacey Rose-Blass.
ARTICLE: These Jewish Celebrities Are Stepping Up to Say Black Lives Matter
“At a time when so many in our nation have to take to the streets to protest police brutality against Black bodies — brought on by the recent murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor — our focus should be on amplifying Black voices…” Click here for article. From Romemu member Stacey Rose-Blass.
Target 2020 NEW YORK, NY 10025 is one of the 4th largest NYC Swing Left groups founded in 2017. It is our mission to win back ALL the Houses in 2020: White House, House of Reps + Senate, and every State House we possibly can, so Dems can fix the corrupt GOP gerrymanders and set a progressive agenda for the next decade to save the planet and undo the damage Trump has done. It’s ok if you’ve never done anything like this before. Neither had most of us! Together, we are working together like never before to make sure we get that Blue Tsunami we need to save the world from Trump in November. Click here to register. From Romemu member Stacey Rose-Blass.
BOOK: Embodied VoiceWork: Beyond Singing by Lisa Sokolov
NOW AVAILABLE!!! Music as Language/ Body as  Instrument/ Singing as Soulful Practice. Embodied VoiceWork: Beyond Singing is a poetic, practical and theoretical guide to Embodied VoiceWork, a method applied in Arts Education, Music Therapy and Human Potential Work. To order your copy of Embodied VoiceWork: Beyond Singing, click here. Lisa is also doing online private sessions and one small group zoom workshop this summer. Email Lisa Sokolov if you are interested.From Romemu Member Lisa Sokolov.
COMMUNITY ACTION: Jewish Community in Uganda
The Jewish Community in Uganda needs our help. They are starving because of the Covid Pandemic. Esau, a Yeshiva student in Romemu will take donations sent to him and buy food for his Jewish community. Contact him using his email. He will give you the safe way to use your credit card to make a donation. From Romemu Member Betsy Shevey.
ARTICLE: What Juneteenth Means to My Black Jewish Family
I have always been interested in genealogy, but having children made me more invested than ever in unearthing my family’s stories. I wanted to show my children what “biracial” really meant, piecing together their father’s Scottish and Russian Jewish ancestry with my Black Arkansas and San Francisco roots. At the same time, I felt the need to bolster what “Black” really meant. My husband could point to the specific villages his forebears left behind. How far back could I trace my own, formerly enslaved, ancestors? Click here for article. From Romemu member Stacey Rose-Blass.
ZOOM CLASS: Breath-Body-Mind Practices
***Coherent Breathing has been proven in a matter of minutes to effectively quiet our overactive stress response system while simultaneously stimulating our natural capacity to calm, soothe, heal and recharge. Please join *Ann Fleuchaus* (of Kripalu) if you’d like to restore, refresh and connect. Breath-Body-Mind practices have been proven to reduce anxiety and increase a sense of calm and well-being. Classes involve some gentle movement followed by a soothing breath practice and a short guided relaxation. Stay Well, Breathe Freely, Reach Out. From Romemu member Stacey Rose-Blass.
*Tuesdays at Noon and 6PM
*Thursdays at 9AM and Noon
*Classes for Free and for Donation. $5-$15 thru Zelle, Venmo or Paypal using
Click here for Zoom link. (Meeting ID: 825 5287 9058/Password: 024194)
BLOG: Daily Daf Yomi Blog in Times of Israel
Penny Cagan has a daily Blog on her Daf Yomi journey in the Times of Israel. Click here to view. From Romemu member Penny Cagan.
PODCAST: Where Have We Been?
George Floyd’s killing has prompted a national outcry and a wide reassessment of the ways in which racist systems are intrinsic to America. The anti-racism trainer Suzanne Plihcik argues that racism occurs even in the absence of people who seem like racists: “We are set up for it to happen,” she tells Dorothy Wickenden, and changing those systems will require sustained white action. Click here to listen to podcast. From Romemu member Stacey Rose-Blass.
ARTICLE: 4 Ways White People Can Process Their Emotions Without Hijacking the Conversation on Racial Justice
This article originally appeared in under the title 4 Ways White People Can Process Their Emotions Without Bringing the White Tears and is reprinted by permission. If you’re a white person who has been in many activist spaces, then you’ve probably experienced a specific, often unspoken ground rule: There’s no room for white tears in this space. From Romemu member Stacey Rose-Blass.
YOUTUBE VIDEO: We are Broken Open or We Willfully Shed by Mark Nepo
This is part of a spiritual talk from Peaceful Mind Peaceful Life Instagram talk. From Romemu member Stacey Rose-Blass.
Election Action
The upcoming election will be decided in swing states like Pennsylvania. YOU can make a difference! Sign up to join Rom’niks for Zoom phone banking parties or sign up for text messaging initiatives to be held over the summer and through November ahead of the election. We will help voters vote by mail (so it counts!) and get out the vote. Even 30 minutes of phone banking/texting can make a BIG difference! To join: Complete this brief form OR email Robin Aronson.  
VIDEO: Don’t Forget Us | COVID Descends on Africa
An estimated 7,500 Jewish souls are at great risk as COVID descends on Africa. A one minute video of young people speaking directly to Israeli PM Netanyahu says: “Don’t Forget Us”. Click here to view. Click here to donate. From Romemu member Neal Brodsky.