Social Action


Social Action Committee Outreach Statement

We present opportunities for topic study, direct service (e.g. feeding the hungry) and systems change (e.g. rallies against fossil fuel) so that members may work for a just world with other Romemu members.

To get involved with our Vodka and Herring Social Justice Film series, contact Scott:
For Climate Change education and activism, contact Cari:
For putting an end to Sex Trafficking, contact Pamela:
For immigration and refugee justice, contact Marlene:
Fordirect service or activism re: hunger, prison justice, worker rights, interfaith work or to propose a topic,
contact Rachel:
For the Romemu Composting Team, contact Miriam:

As an organization, Romemu is committed to tikkun olam (social justice). Therefore we ask anyone working on social justice in another committee/circle chair to contact us for mutual support.

Internal structure and informal partnerships

When the Social Action Committee formed in 2011 after a series of house meetings, we knew we wanted to start with hunger in our local communities but had no collaboration partners and no specific campaigns. In 2015, we have participated in a number of campaigns each with a larger more experienced partner. This afforded us clear goals and strategies based on credible knowledge
of problems and solutions. These informal partners include: West Side Campaign against Hunger food pantry (the turkey challenge), Sierra Club and 350, Hazon, Muslims against Hunger and Jewish Community Center in Manhattan. While the array of choices in which Romemu members can work together on social action may at first seem daunting, there is a solid rationale and structure for each option and many “small projects” often work together to bring about change. The increasing number of Romemu members participating is a significant accomplishment. Members committing to a long term project serve assubcommittee heads or members of the Steering Committee.

Plans for 2016

1. As Social Justice is a key component of the Romemu mission statement every member is encouraged to participate in
social action. To better “get the word out” we look forward to our own Social Action Committee web page where
information can easily be located, used for study and action and archived for program evaluation. And we will take a look
at infrastructure and policy to see if there are ways to make our coordinating work more efficient.

2. We will continue advocating for the issues noted. In addition, we will begin monitoring a movement to change the way
garbage is collected from city businesses – The Transform Don’t Trash NYC Coalition and Campaign. trash/.

3. If there is sufficient interest Pamela Kling Takiff is willing to chair a subcommittee on ending sex trafficking and Marlene
Steiner is willing to chair a subcommittee on the immigration/refugee crisis.

4. We look forward to three workshops on sex trafficking presented by Rabbi Jessica Kate Meyers and Pamela Kling Takiff.

5. We are seeking leaders for book groups e.g. on This Changes Everything by Naomi Klein.

6. We hope to work together with congregants of West End Presbyterian Church on at least one social action project.