Social Action

We are Romemu members who see social action as central to what we do as a Jewish community. To have the greatest impact, we have recently focused on Climate Justice starting with renewable energy and adding resiliency as another aspect.  We offer learning and action steps the entire Romemu community can participate in. Individuals can join single activities as time permits.  The overall plan, however, is long term and usually involves coalitions and partnerships.

Other topics can be added in the future when realistic strategies and a committed steering committee are identified to manage the project.

To RSVP for events, or if you have general Romemu Social Action questions, contact Rachel Makleff:

Learn about climate justice:

Jamaica Bay Excursion
In a kayak, Sunday, September 18, 2016
Last July, at the Romemu Social Action Film Series, we learned that wetlands in the Gateway National Recreation Area in Jamaica Bay mitigate hurricane damage to New York City. This need for resiliency has become a key issue of our time, owing to current effects of climate change. We will travel to the Gateway Recreation Area to learn from Park Rangers how to preserve this beautiful and protective ecology. Contact organizer Brenna Cohen Teens and “old people” are welcome, as well as anyone in between. Expenses will be kept affordable. No kayaking experience needed, but you should be able to swim and to paddle for two hours.

Take action:

Support Transform Don’t Trash
This bill, recently introduced in the New York City Council, aims to improve the health of sanitation workers and low-income New Yorkers by transforming how commercial waste is collected and disposed of in the City. A much higher percentage of recycling and less dependence on landfills are also expected from the proposed new arrangement. Romemu will join forces with B’nai Jeshurun and a coalition of activists and labor unions to promote passage by lobbying council members and informing the public.

Learn about the TPP:

Shadow Courts: The Hidden Danger in Trade Agreements
October 6, 2016, 6:00-8:00 pm
Columbia University World Room, Pulitzer Hall, 1600 Broadway

If passed by Congress, The Trans-Pacific Partnership “free trade” agreement  could halt or deter renewable energy projects in all signatory countries via “shadow courts”, the investor-state- dispute settlement provision.

For general Romemu Social Action questions, contact Rachel Makleff:

Renewable Energy Steering Committee Members: Rachel Makleff, Elana Fine, Valerie Barnard Kanofsky, Dvorah Stoll, Yochanan Kushnir, Jacob Friedman.  Organizer of the Jamaica Bay Excursion: Brenna Cohen
Advisors: Michele Burger, Betsy Immershein, Danny Kerry, Angie Stiegler, Scott Osman.