Ways to Get Involved


Shomerim are community members who create sacred space for Shabbat and special events.

A shomer or shomeret (the singular of shomerim) is a trustee or steward; someone who “watches over” or “guards.” Shomerim play a unique, sacred and critical role—preparing the mishkan/sanctuary for services.

Being a shomer or shomeret is about creating holy space for our community. We begin creating an atmosphere. It is beautiful, heartcentered work. It is also a wonderful way to meet people and to build community.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Greeting and welcoming guests and members as they arrive
  • Setting the sanctuary for Shabbat Evening, Morning and Holiday services
  • Restoring the sanctuary after services
  • Preparing and safely storing “prayer-aphernalia” and sound gear
  • Organizing and volunteering to help at other special events
  • Participate in putting out kiddush after services

A large and active group of Shomerim allows for flexibility, back-up support, and alternates to carry out this crucial, holy work. There are opportunities to fit all schedules and interests.

Your community needs you.

To volunteer, speak to a shomer/et at services, email sanctuary@romemu.org or call the Romemu Main Office at (212) 580-4294.