I’m interested in the yeshiva – how do I decide if I will study part-time or full time? 

As you consider your level of participation, review the calendar of programming. Do you have time to commit to daily study and practice for one week, or for a whole month? Are you interested in taking a few classes spread out over the week, or in committing to a cohort that gathers for extensive daily practices as well as courses? Most participants will simply register for one or more courses, while others will go through the full application process for cohort participation. 

How do I apply to the Spring 2020 Romemu Yeshiva “cohort”? When are applications due?

Click here to request an application. You will receive an email with a link to the online application, which has three parts: a written portion, two letters of reference, and an interview. Once we receive your application and references, we will let you know within two weeks if you have been selected to move on to the interview stage of the application process. 

Applications are evaluated on a rolling basis through May 10. Generally, admissions decisions will be communicated within a month of your interview, if you are selected to move to that portion of the process.

What’s the daily schedule at Romemu Yeshiva?

Most weekdays log onto the yeshiva for morning sit and prayers at 8:30am EDT and stay through 3:15 EDT. Look at our calendar for an overview of our weekly schedule. 

I’m not able to register for a course – can I just drop in?

We have many community programs throughout the month of June – check out this page for a full list of our community programs. 

Is the yeshiva expensive? What if I’m not sure if I can afford it?

All of our courses and retreat have sliding scale tuition. We also have scholarships for individuals who need even more tuition assistance. 

Who is the yeshiva for? Is there an age limit?

Romemu Yeshiva’s core program of full-time students is open to anyone, regardless of affiliation, denomination, or observance level. All courses and programs are open to seekers of all ages who are looking to study text and deepen their practice. The core group of the yeshiva, called the ‘cohort’ will primarily be made up of individuals, ages 20-39, looking to transform their spirituality. 

What kind of Hebrew skills and textual proficiency do I need to study at Romemu Yeshiva?

The Romemu Yeshiva is open to students of every background and level from beginner to advanced. Classes will be divided according to skill level in reading Jewish texts. However, for most courses, students must be familiar with reading (sounding out) Hebrew characters with vowels. 

Do Romemu Yeshiva students have to be observant of Jewish law?

Romemu Yeshiva accepts students from all backgrounds (including Jews and non-Jews) and patterns of observance. We respect each student’s religious journey and modes of religious expression and have no expectations about what your practice may look like before or after your participation in the yeshiva. While enrolled, all students are expected to take part in a variety of styles of daily prayer, meditation practice, and an array of other practices aligned with our program goals.

Is Romemu Yeshiva only for lay-people? Do rabbis and rabbinical students also study there?

Romemu Yeshiva welcomes all participants, including dedicated lay-people, present/ future Jewish professionals, future Rabbis, or Jewish educational professionals.

Is Romemu Yeshiva only for Romemu members?

Applicants can be a member of Romemu, a member of another synagogue, or not currently a member of any synagogue.

Is there tuition for Romemu Yeshiva? Are there scholarships?

For all programs, we offer tuition on a sliding scale. This covers all courses, including teacher salaries and administrative costs. Tuition subsidies and housing stipends are available for those who qualify.

Will I get a degree? Will I have to pay back student loans?

Romemu Yeshiva is not an accredited educational institution, and as such we do not offer degrees. As a result, most students will have to begin repaying student loans while studying with us. One exception is students pursuing Jewish studies at a graduate level, for whom their studies are a supplement to their graduate education.

What will I study at Romemu Yeshiva?

Click here to learn more about our courses. Click here to learn about our community learning program.

Where is Romemu Yeshiva located?

All spring 2020 yeshiva programs take place virtually. Our faculty and students teach from their homes in over 10 time zones.

Still have questions?

Email us at yeshiva@romemu.org.