About Romemu Yeshiva


About Romemu Yeshiva:

First launched in summer 2019, the Romemu Virtual Yeshiva is open to all who wish to pursue an egalitarian course of intensive spiritual study and practice of Jewish pathways for self-transformation. Romemu Yeshiva combines rigorous text study, deep prayer, and Jewish mindfulness-based practices to inspire participants’ profound transformation as individuals and as members of the Jewish and human communities. Each yeshiva participant becomes part of a movement to transform the Jewish world and a global community bringing to life Jewish spirituality in our day. The Romemu Yeshiva is open to all members of the Romemu community, as well as those not yet affiliated with Romemu.  

Immerse Yourself In:

  • Text Study as a contemplative, transformative practice
  • Prayer, both experimental and traditional, as a spiritual practice of transformation
  • Jewish mindfulness, meditation, and other forms of Jewish contemplative practice
  • Key Jewish mystical concepts and paradigms
  • Midot-based (character development) and heart-based practices

Emerge With:

  • A transformed heart: presence, wisdom, awe, love, joy & gratitude
  • A transformed mind: awareness, focus, calm, flexibility, and balance
  • Literacy in Jewish texts, mysticism, and spiritual practices
  • Jewish spiritual leadership and engagement

Participants will emerge with a concrete understanding of how Judaism provides a path of transformation, access to the sources of Judaism’s teaching for self-development, Jewish practices to make that transformation reality, and a deep commitment to Judaism as their path to becoming who they are called to be to transform the world.

This program is for you if:

  • You want to deepen your connection to prayer, meditation, embodied practice, and text study
  • You are seeking a community for practice, growth, reflection, and learning
  • You are passionate about Jewish contemplative practice and Hebrew text study
  • You are available for one or more of our program options in 2020: cohort, courses, or retreat.

Your Guides:

Learn with a diverse group of teachers, including rabbis, scholars of Kabbalah, and experts in meditation and prayer.

Romemu Yeshiva is a program of Romemu and co-sponsored by Or HaLev: Center for Jewish Spirituality and Meditation. 

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