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תנא דבי אליהו זוטא, פרק י”ד

אין ישראל נגאלים – לא מתוך הצער… אלא מתוך עשרה בני אדם, שהם יושבים זה אצל זה, ויהיה כל אחד מהם קורא ושונה עם חברו, וקולם נשמע


Tanna debei eliyahu zutta: 

The Jewish people is redeemed … through ten human beings sitting and learning together and being heard by each other.


The Romemu Yeshiva provides intensive spiritual study and practice of Jewish pathways for self-transformation. By integrating rigorous text study, deep prayer, and Jewish mindfulness-based practices, Romemu Yeshiva programs inspire participants’ profound transformation as individuals and prepare them for leadership roles in the Jewish community and beyond.


There are many ways to join the yeshiva this spring!


1. Part-time Program Open to All:


2.Full-time month-long intensive:


3.Silent Meditation Retreat (4 days):


Deadline for requesting financial aid: Wednesday, May 20
Registration deadline for courses: Monday, May 25
Registration deadline for electives: Monday, June 1



Click here to read more about the Romemu Yeshiva curriculum and click here to read more about who the yeshiva is for. 


What should I do if I still have questions?

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Romemu Yeshiva is a program of Romemu and co-sponsored by Or HaLev: Center for Jewish Spirituality and Meditation. 

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