The Romemu Campus

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Jeffrey Cahn’s Summer Update:

You may have noticed more and more activity around our Romemu Center building, across the street from the West End Presbyterian Church. For good reason. Starting today, the Romemu Yeshiva and parts of our Shabbat programming will begin to take place in the new building and continue throughout the summer. In July, all are welcome to join the Yeshiva on Tuesday evenings from 7-9pm for “Open Beit Midrash” and evening prayers, and on Wednesday mornings for prayer, meditation and learning from 7:30-9:30am. We’ll also start having Friday night “Oneg Shabbat” celebrations and Saturday morning prayer services in the new building. Nota bien that Friday night services themselves will still be in the Church…– Click here to continue reading!

Jeffrey Cahn’s March Update:

I’m getting more and more excited as we move toward inhabiting our new home on the southeast corner of 105th St. and Amsterdam! While we plan to continue using the main sanctuary at the West End Presbyterian Church for prayer services, the new building will be a “one-stop shop” for our adult education, Seekers Holistic Hebrew School, front offices, community celebrations, kiddushim and meals after services, Yeshiva, community activism, volunteer work, and more. Our new building will also be the base from which we grow our Livestream, podcasting and distance learning offerings, support our members in Romemu Brooklyn and Westchester, and in general, reach out to those who seek to experience Romemu and learn with us from across the globe. So when people ask, “Is the new building for the benefit of the local Romemu community?” or “Is the building going to be used as a hub for sharing Romemu with seekers everywhere?,” the answer is a definite, “Yes!” – Click here to continue reading!

Jeffrey Cahn’s February Update:

The week before last, Romemu member Rick Temerian offered his professional metalworking skills and took down the letters that spelled “Grosvenor House” on the side of 176 West 105th St, our new Romemu building. Caroline Ellen snapped a photo and shared it with me. “How bittersweet,” I thought. The Grosvenor House served Lower Harlem with social, educational and community programs for over 60 years until the YWCA decided to sell the building. While Romemu certainly benefited from that decision, we also inherited the responsibility to be a true force for good in the neighborhood. – Click here to continue reading!

Rabbi David’s Announcement Letter:

Twelve years ago, inspired by the love and legacy of my teacher Rabbi Zalman Schacter-Shalomi, z’l, I had a vision – literally a dream to start something new, something different, something that transcended my life and included my personal journey. Over the course of the next two years, my personal dream became a collective one, attracting dreamers and seekers yearning for community and connection that was authentically rooted in the past, and sprouting into the future. They were looking for a community of song and silence, learning and longing, body and soul. At the end of two years of trial (and some error), these dreamers/ seekers came together to decide the fate and future of an incredible, audacious project. With love and a leap, that amazing founding core committed to building a space for elevated Jewish life. Romemu was born. – Click here to continue reading!