Where to Find Rabbi David Ingber

Where to Find Rabbi David Ingber

Three Sukkot Snapshots

The Jerusalem Post – October 19, 2019

Romemu Strikes a Popular Balance of Jewish Tradition and Interfaith Spiritual Seeking

Religion News Service – October 8, 2019

NY Artist Re-Genders the Torah While Keeping Tradition

Jewish Journal – August 28, 2019

Tai Chi with Tefillin: Inside New York’s Quirkiest Yeshiva

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A Filipino-American Dancer Turned Rabbi wants to Change the Conversation about Jews of Color

Jewish Telegraphic Agency – July 2, 2019

A Journey to Judaism on Pointe

Tablet – June 18, 2019

Activist Abby Stein Will Be in West Orange

Out in Jersey – April 5, 2019

Bar or Bat Mitzvah? Hey, What About a Both Mitzvah?

The New York Times – March 27, 2019

Temple Sinai’s Ron Segal to Lead Nation’s Reform Rabbi’s

The Jewish Times – March 27, 2019

Local Jewish Congregation Supports Muslims After New Zealand Attacks

West Side Rag – March 15, 2019

Preserving the “Vital Center”

The New York Jewish Week – Feb 26, 2019

Limmud NY Shakes Things Up

The New York Jewish Week – Feb 19, 2019

How to Start an Authentic New Life

Jewish Standard – Jan 17, 2019

USA: Quand Yeshiva Rime Avec Torah et Yoga (French Magazine)

Alliance: Le Premier Magazine Juif sur Le Net – Dec 8, 2018

Romemu’s New Yeshiva Adds Meditation To All Talmud All The Time

The Forward – Dec 8, 2018

Namaste and Shalom: New York Yeshiva to Combine Jewish Texts and Yoga

The Times of Israel – Dec 8, 2018

At a New Yeshiva, Students Will Pray, Study Jewish Texts – and Practice Yoga

Jewish Telegraphic Agency – Dec 7, 2018

At a New Yeshiva, Students Will Pray, Study Jewish Texts – and Practice Yoga

The New Jewish Week – Dec 7, 2018

In Conversation with Author Shulem Deen

Tablet – Nov 16, 2018

After the Tree of Life Attack,  Synagogues Seek Balance Between Safety and Openness

CITYLAB – Nov 1, 2018

My Jewish Cousins Didn’t Die in The Holocaust for the GOP to Appease Neo- Nazis

Rantt Media – Oct 31, 2018

Armed Guards at Synagogues Are Already More Common Than You Think

Intelligencer – Oct 30, 2018

Beginning a New Conversation About the End

The New York Jewish Week – Oct 17, 2018

Romemu Jewish Congregation is Buying UWS Building; Plans Community Center

The West Side Rag – Oct 15, 2018

Brooklyn Moms Bond. 6 Years Later,  A New Jewish Congregation Is Born

The Forward – Oct 14, 2018

Ethiopian Jew Discusses Jewish Life in Ethiopia With Greater MetroWest CRC

The Jewish Link of New Jersey – Oct 11, 2018

‘What is the truth?’ Pastors across the spectrum preach on Kavanaugh and Ford

The Washington Post – Oct 2, 2018

Saying Kaddish for American, non-Orthodox Judaism?

The Times of Israel – Jan 2, 2018

Rabbi David Featured on TODAY in Response to Las Vegas Shooting

NBC, The Today Show – Oct 3, 2017

Where Might Interfaith Families Find Welcoming Jewish Communities?

edmundcase.com-Feb 15, 2017

News in the past few weeks highlights the issue of where interfaith families might find genuinely welcoming Jewish communities. First, I was so pleased to learn …

Jewish Renewal: Experimental or Established Movement?

Jerusalem Post Israel NewsDec 25, 2016
NEW YORK – “Relax in your seat, close your eyes,” Rabbi David Ingber told his congregants on a cold, December Friday night, in a slow and …

The Growing Allure of Chabad and Hillel

ForwardAug 3, 2016
One such synagogue is New York City’s Romemu, which seeks to infuse Eastern spiritual practices with traditional Orthodox ones. “I think …

Cross Currents – Rabbi David Segal and Rabbi David Ingber

Aspen Public RadioJul 27, 2016
This week on Cross Currents is Rabbi David Segal of the Aspen Jewish Congregation, along with Rabbi David Ingber of Romemu, which is …

How This Ex-Hasidic Woman Lost And Found Her Judaism

Huffington PostJun 9, 2016
Then, someone told me to check out a place called Romemu. It’s a very loose spectrum of people, from very traditional observers to people who …

America’s Most Inspiring Rabbis (2016)

Forward-May 15, 2016
David created Romemu out of nothing. In less than 10 years, Romemu has become a fast-growing community of committed seekers drawing across faith traditions.

Hassidic-Raised Trans Woman to Speak About Her Journey

Jweekly.comApr 7, 2016
Another step was getting help and support from Rabbi David Ingber of Romemu, the Jewish Renewal congregation in New York City.

Who Killed Jesus? Combatting Anti-Semitism on Good Friday

Huffington PostMar 24, 2016
It was a response to a newsletter I sent to the multi-faith community at our synagogue, Romemu, about the juxtaposition of the Jewish holiday …

Living the Learning Life

The Jewish StandardFeb 18, 2016
… and the discussion between two Manhattan rabbis — Shai Held of Mechon Hadar and David Ingber of Romemu — on their different paths …

Thriving US indie communities roll up their sleeves to ‘do’ Judaism

The Times of IsraelFeb 9, 2016
The participating communities — in addition to Ikar and Mishkan, the group includes Lab/Shul and Romemu in New York, The Kitchen in San …

7 Fast-Growing Independent Congregations Join Forces in New Group

ForwardFeb 7, 2016
The participating communities — in addition to Ikar and Mishkan, the group includes Lab/Shul and Romemu in New York, The Kitchen in San …

Re-Valuing the Synagogue

Sun SentinelJan 25, 2016
… congregations and organizations throughout Broward County, to sponsor a community learning event with Rabbi David Ingber of Romemu in …

One Size Fits All? Not On This Rabbi’s Watch

New Jersey Jewish NewsJan 13, 2016
… led by Rabbi David Ingber, and Kehilat Hadar, led by a trio of Conservative-trained rabbis. Hadar’s more traditional worship does not include …

Jewish Emergent Network Announces Fellowship

JewschoolJan 7, 2016
… Rabbi Lizzi Heydemann (Mishkan), Rabbi Noa Kushner (The Kitchen), Naomi Less (Lab/Shul) Back L to R: Rabbi David Ingber (Romemu), …