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For pastoral emergencies, such as a death in the family, please email or call  (212) 580-4294 and leave a message after pressing the number 1.

For pastoral care please call (212) 580-4294, ext 819 and you will be contacted by one of the pastoral clergy members. 

Pastoral Care is a model of spiritual and emotional support in which clergy members  support people in their pain, loss, and anxiety, as well as in their joys and blessings. It’s a holistic approach that focuses on guiding, supporting, healing and empowering people to draw upon spiritual resources. It is not psychotherapy, and clergy may refer individuals to therapists. Sessions last for 45-50 minutes, are usually limited to two consecutive visits, and are intended for Romemu members only.  Since our clergy acts as a team, any one of our pastoral clergy may meet with you. However, the clergy meets weekly as a team to confidentially discuss pastoral cases. So although you will only be meeting with one member of the team, you will have the benefit of the expertise of the whole pastoral team to support you.  

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Jeffrey Cahn, Executive Director

Natalia Arad, Executive Manager

Ariel Rosen Ingber, Senior Director of Advancement

Sharon Goldman Wallach, Director of Programming

Miriam Rubin, Director of Membership

Rachel Colberg-Parseghian, Director of Operations

Sebastian Kern, Executive Assistant to Rabbi Ingber

Mika Yaakoba-Zoha, Program Associate


Rabbi David Ingber, Founder & Senior Rabbi

Rabbi Dianne Cohler-Esses, Associate Rabbi & Director of Lifelong Learning

Rabbi Mira Rivera Jewish Emergent Network Fellow

Hazzan Basya Schechter

Reverend Eleanor Harrison Bregman, Director of Multi-Faith Initiatives

Rabbi Janice Elster, Director of Youth and Family Programming

3. What happens if you choose to live together?

Sometimes your best friend doesn’t always make the best roommate. Before you decide to separate the room, make sure you have a relationship to run the test …

After joining the same wife (not chapeto, I swear,) Olivia and I thought that living together sounded like a cotton idea. And lucky for us, our theory was proven right …

It’s important to be honest with yourself about friendship …

After you’ve been resting with your family on the beach this weekend, are you ready for some time, or are you planning to spend the night on the returning night? After a big exam or an interview, do you come out with the text of your BFF asking for a moment when it’s all over, or will they be jealous of your success?

I knew I was going to my second-year year when life with Liv was perfect. Of course, I had moments when I was worried that the living quarters would change our impeccable friendship, but I knew that in my heart it would all work …

We are honest with each other, when we are annoying each other, and we always ask before we try on each other’s clothes and jewelry. The key to a successful life situation is honesty and respect …

Of course, with TLC, honesty and respect for each other, two years later, we still live together with plans to share the apartment next year …

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4. Support, not jealousy.

I decided to try some new things this year. I got a job as a tour guide for campus and started writing for school news. Olivia couldn’t support my new efforts anymore …

Although I know she doesn’t want to read every and every one of my articles, she reads them with a smile. And although I’m sure she doesn’t like them all, she tells me they’re fantastic and that she’s proud of me …

It’s just said, make new friends, but leave old, one silver, and the other is gold. Fortunately for me, I managed to mix gold and silver, even though my gold looks shiny and new.

I know that if we’re 50, not married and fat, I can count on Olivia to share the flat with me and some stray dogs.All that’s left to say is the thanks of Olivia, you’re the best. To our friendship at home, in school, and wherever it is …

You want to adverate with us? Jennifer Hurwitz.Jenny was proud to go up to New Jersey and is now a junior at the University of Connecticut. She’s journalism and communication, a double major with a focus on journalism. While she writes for, she is also interned for Victoria’s Secret, leads tours to the campus and writes to her school newspaper The Daily Campus. Jenny is looking forward to her career in the broadcast industry and hoping for one day to become Good Morning America. Besides, she likes to eat the goldfish of cheddar while observing the law and the Order. Jenny wrote for college between January and February 2011