Romemu (roh·meh·moo) seeks to integrate body, mind, and soul in Jewish practice. Unabashedly eclectic, we engage in body practices like yoga, infuse traditional liturgy with the energy of ecstatic chant, and ground our practice with meditation and contemplation. This is a Judaism that will ignite your Spirit.

We are a progressive, fully egalitarian community committed to tikkun olam, or social action, and to service that flows from an identification with the sacredness of all life.

We hold services every Friday night and Saturday morning — at West End Presbyterian Church, 165 West 105th Street at the corner of Amsterdam — and classes throughout the week. Check out our events calendar for the latest details.

  • A welcoming home where people of all genders, ages, abilities and life stages participate equally and fully in song, dance, learning and praying
  • An oasis in New York City where you can focus on your heart and catch your breath
  • A place where we chant Hebrew prayers together, sing powerful wordless melodies, and have moments of deep silence
  • A space that honors insights and practices found in many eastern spiritual paths, and that offers meditation and yoga within a deeply Jewish practice
  • A center dedicated to a Yiddishkeit — Judaism — that opens body, heart, mind and spirit to experience greater compassion, courage, and joy in our lives

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The Five Freedoms

Romemu creates an integral & holistic prayer experience based upon the on five basic freedoms:

  1. Movement: Space to stretch, dance and find the natural movement of your body that opens you to prayer.
  2. Voice: Safety to find many forms of voice, including singing, speaking, crying and laughing.
  3. Thought: Thinking is both critical and analytical. Both spirituality and intellectual honesty flourish together.
  4. Silence: Freedom to be silent, to quiet the mind and nurture the soul through time-honored contemplative practices.
  5. Commitment: An invitation to commit, to be bound to a community that expects and relies upon your active participation, both as members of the congregation and as socially conscious and aware citizens of the world.

We believe that these five freedoms provide the foundation to live more meaningful lives; lives full of loving kindness, Spirit, peace, joy, and commitment.